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Westerns on HBO Max

The article is about the amazing collection of westerns on HBO Max.

HBO Max is the newest and most exciting premium channel on the block. It’s got everything you need to get through these dark days, including an extensive library of Western movies.

Western movies are a staple of American culture.HBO Max is here to give you your fill of these classic films. Suppose you want to watch an epic tale of cowboys fighting against evil railroad companies. Or a comedy about how one man can bring together a town full of misfits and make them into a family, we’ve got it all.

And if you aren’t sure what kind of Western movie will suit your fancy? Well, don’t worry—we’ve got that covered too! We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing what to watch by breaking down our Western movie selection into categories based on genre and theme. 

Top Westerns on HBO Max

Blood on the Moon (1948)

Blood on the Moon is a dramatic film about a murder at a farm in rural Arkansas.

The film is based in the late 1940s and early 1950s. It shows how people dealt with prejudice and racism during this period.

The main characters are a black man named Clay (played by Sidney Poitier) and his white wife Ruby (played by Joan Leslie). Their daughter Alice (played by Ruby Dee). The story starts when Clay comes home from working on his farm late at night. To find his wife dead with blood all over her face. He runs out of the house to get help. When he returns, he finds that police have arrived at the crime scene and arrested him for murder.

As the story progresses, we see both Clay’s trial and flashbacks to events leading up to his wife’s death. We also learn more about Ruby’s relationship with her mother-in-law Maybelle (played by Beulah Bondi). In one scene, Maybelle comes into Ruby’s room while sleeping and screams at her for being pregnant with an African American man’s child. In another scene, Maybelle tells Ruby that she doesn’t want any black people coming to their farm.

Casa De Mi Padre (2012)

Casa De Mi Padre (2012) is a comedy film released in 2012. Matt Piedmont directs it, and it stars Will Ferrell, Diego Luna, and Genesis Rodriguez. The plot revolves around the father of Diego Luna’s character, trying to get his son back from Mexico after a drug cartel kidnaps him.

The film follows a father who tries to get his son back. He was from Mexico after a drug cartel kidnaped him. His plans involve hiring an actor to play his son for 500 dollars a day until this plan fails miserably because the actor falls in love with his daughter and refuses to leave her side.

The humor in this movie comes from how ridiculous it is when someone tries to act like someone else to fool others into thinking that they are someone else. This movie uses slapstick comedy and situational humor to keep viewers laughing throughout their viewing experience.

In Pursuit of Honor (1995)

In Pursuit of Honor is a 1995 drama film starring Jamie Foxx. Who plays a young man named Travis who is struggling to make a life for himself. After having been in prison. He returns home to find that his brother has been murdered and his mother is missing. He goes on a mission to find out what happened to them and find her.

The movie takes place in the city of Detroit, which provides an interesting backdrop for this story. It’s also a great setting for showing how hard it can be for people to overcome their circumstances and make a better life for themselves.

The acting in this movie was good overall. But there were parts where it felt like the actors were going through the motions instead of connecting with their character’s emotions or motivations.

Overall, I recommend watching In Pursuit of Honor if you’re looking for something uplifting that shows you how hard it can be when life throws you curveballs but that there is always hope if you keep fighting through them!

Classic Westerns on HBO Max

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949)

 to She Wore a Yellow Ribbon is a classic western directed by John Ford. This film stars John Wayne as an aging cavalry officer who finds himself reassigned to a remote fort in Wyoming before he can retire. His detachment is composed of a group of men who have been together for years and are tasked with guarding a bridge over a river until reinforcements arrive.

The story follows this group as they confront their new surroundings and their mortality. The film takes place during the U.S.-Indian Wars period. It does an excellent job of showing how difficult life was for soldiers at that time. Even though it was filmed in 1946. There are still many scenes where you can see how ruggedly beautiful Wyoming is—especially if you watch it on HBO Max!

The Harvey Girls (1946)

The Harvey Girls (1946) is a classic film that you can watch on HBO Max. It was the first of many MGM musicals to feature Judy Garland, and it’s fun, lighthearted, and wholesome.

This movie follows the story of two young women traveling west by train to become waitresses at a new hotel in Pinedale, Arizona. The girls are excited about their new job prospects but have no idea what awaits them when they arrive in this dusty little town. As usual, there are plenty of sing-alongs and dance numbers for a musical from this era.

If you’re looking for a wholesome film with good old-fashioned musical numbers, you should check out The Harvey Girls (1946).

The Shooting (1966)

The Shooting (1966) is a film about an American soldier who returns from the war in Vietnam to find that his wife has left him, and he has no place to go. The soldier meets up with his old friends, and they rob a bank together. The film was written by Sam Peckinpah and directed by him as well. The movie is set on a novel by David Westheimer called “The Steel Hit”.

The movie takes place in the 1960s and is set in Texas. In this film, the main character is played by Robert Ryan, who plays a man named Frank Wells. He first appears when he returns from Vietnam, where he is fighting for his country. Upon returning home, Frank discovers his wife has left him and taken their children with her. This causes him to become very angry so he decides to take revenge against everyone who wronged him. He gets some men together with him and together they rob a bank so that they can get some money for their families. After this happens though, Frank realizes that there are more important things than just getting revenge on people who hurt you like revenge against yourself or even wanting something else besides this world.

Best Old Western movies on HBO Max

Giant (1956)

Giant (1956) is a movie that takes place in Texas, where a poor family struggles to make their way in the world. The family’s patriarch is played by James Dean, who was an actor known for his brooding good looks and rebellious nature. In this film, he plays a wealthy rancher named Bick Benedict who falls in love with Leslie Lynton, who was played by Elizabeth Taylor. She is from a wealthy family called the Gilberts who live in Houston and own oil-rich land.

The film is about how these two families interact with each other when they come together for a wedding. There are many conflicts between them as well as within families. The story follows them over three generations until it ends happily with the grandchildren of both families joining together to form one happy family unit again after decades of strife between them over money or lack thereof.

This movie is based on a book written by Edna Ferber which originally came out in 1952 under another title called Giant: A Novel Of Texas And Its People.”

Ringo and His Golden Pistol(1966) 

Ringo and His Golden Pistol on HBO Max is a collection of short stories that all take place in the same world. The book follows the lives of a group of creatures who live in a world where everything has the potential to be alive—and it’s not always a good thing.

In one story, for example, a group of people is attacked by a giant snail who is seeking revenge on them for eating his cousin. In another story, a man finds himself being stalked by an enormous, flying banana. Both stories are very different from each other—but they’re also both darkly humorous and tragic at the same time.

There’s something here for everyone to enjoy—the writing style is accessible, which makes it great for those who are new to reading as well as those who have been reading forever. And if you do happen to get bored with one story, there are plenty more waiting right around the corner!

Tampopo (1985)

Tampopo is one of the most amazing movies I’ve ever seen, and it’s a shame that so many people have never had a chance to experience it. It’s the story of a noodle shop owner who finds herself stuck in a rut and realizes she needs to change something in her life. She decides that she’s going to learn how to make ramen from scratch, and what follows is an incredibly charming, funny, and deeply moving story about the joys of food and friendship.

It may not sound like much on paper—and sure, it probably wouldn’t be if it were just written out—but this movie is so much more than just words on paper. It’s a visually stunning film with beautiful music and excellent acting; there are moments where you’ll laugh out loud or even get teary-eyed. And we’ve got good news: HBO Max just added Tampopo! So now you can check out this fantastic movie for yourself!

New Western movies on HBO Max

Cry Macho (2021) 

I just finished watching Cry Macho on HBO Max, and I have to say: I think it’s going to be a hit. This movie has all the elements of a classic Western—cowboys, horses, gunslingers, saloons—but with a fresh new twist that makes it feel thoroughly modern. The characters are compelling and well-developed, and the story keeps you guessing until the last minute. And then there’s the music! It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before in a Western movie (or at least not since the 70s). The soundtrack is amazing and adds to the whole experience of watching this film.

Deadwood: The Movie (2019)

Deadwood: The Movie is a fantastic conclusion to the series.

The movie picks up right where the series left off, and it’s like we never left Deadwood. The set design, the costumes, and the acting are all top-notch, and we get to see the return of some of our favorite characters.

There are some new faces as well. Characters who were introduced in season three but never got much development until now. I won’t give away too much about them here so you can be surprised when you watch it! But suffice it to say that they’re both interesting and fun additions to the cast of characters.

The story itself is also very satisfying. It feels like closure for many of these characters’ arcs from the show’s original run (and even from its revival).

El Diablo (1990)

El Diablo (1990) is a great movie that was released in 1990. This movie was directed by Robert Rodriguez. He also directed From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), Spy Kids (2001), and Sin City (2005). The film stars Antonio Banderas as Chango, Salma Hayek as Chango’s wife Maria. Cheech Marin as El Wray, and Steve Buscemi as Seth Gecko. The film follows two criminals who escaped from jail and hide out in an old ghost town. Where they meet up with a woman named El Wray. Who has been living there for years.

Chango and Seth Gecko want to kidnap Maria to use her for ransom money. But El Wray has other plans for the two men. He wants them dead so he can keep Maria all to himself. But the men manage to escape from El Wray and make off with Maria instead. Now they have to fight their way out of town while being pursued by both El Wray and the lawmen. Who want them back behind bars once again rather than running free across rural Texas like they currently are doing right now!

This movie is very entertaining because it has lots of action scenes that keep you on edge throughout most of your running time.

Westerns on Netflix

Netflix’s News of the World is a dark, compelling drama that explores how news is used to manipulate people.

The series follows a reporter named Will (played by Ben Chaplin). Who works for an online news site called News of the World. He has been tasked with finding out what happened to a woman who was kidnapped and held hostage for nine years. His search leads him to question the ethics of how news is gathered, as well as how it’s used.

Will’s investigation takes him all over the world, from London to India to Africa and back again. His journey leads him through some difficult situations. Including one particularly harrowing scene where he gets caught up in a riot in India. But his work also gives him insight into what drives people. From their desire for vengeance to their fear of being left behind by technology. Allows him to see things from different perspectives than he might have before starting this investigation.

Once upon a time in West

It is a film directed by Sergio Leone and stars Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson, and Jason Robards. The movie is set in the old west. Follows three men as they try to get revenge on one another over a woman. The story is very engaging and kept me interested throughout the entire movie. And made them seem real which helped make this movie even more enjoyable. This is for those who enjoy westerns. Or wants something different from your typical drama or comedy film.

The only thing I didn’t like about this movie was that it seemed like it could have been done better with some minor changes. If there was more more character development for some of the supporting characters such as Calvera (played by Eli Wallach), it would have been amazing. He had so much potential but wasn’t utilized as much as I would have liked him to be used.

The Outsider

The Outsider on Netflix is a great movie for anyone looking for a good crime thriller.

The film follows Nick Lowell, played by Jared Leto, who is in prison for murder and just got out of jail after being wrongfully convicted. He’s trying to find out who set him up and why. Along the way, he gets involved with a gang of criminals that are also trying to find out who set them up too.

The action scenes in this movie are really good, but it’s not all about that. The characters are well developed and you get into their stories throughout the movie. If you’re looking for something new or just want something fun to watch on Netflix, this one is worth checking out!


Netflix’s new show, “Desperado”, is a great addition to the streaming service’s lineup. It’s a gritty, action-packed drama that focuses on a group of people who are fighting against an evil drug cartel in Mexico.

The show stars Gael García Bernal and Demián Bichir as two brothers who are trying to get their family out of this dangerous situation. They’re joined by Luis Gerardo Mendez as their uncle, who is also trying to get his family out of Mexico. Together, these three men work to fight against an evil drug lord named Don Epifanio Vargas (Rubén Blades).

What makes this show so compelling is that it isn’t afraid to take risks, which is what helps make it so addictive. You’ll find yourself wanting more after every episode ends because you’ll want answers about what happens next!

Birds of Passage

Birds of Passage is a Colombian film that came out in 2019. It’s about a poor family in Colombia who gets involved in the drug trade and then has to deal with all the consequences. The movie was nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign-language film, but it didn’t win.

The plot follows two young sisters who grow up with their mother and grandmother in the mountains of Colombia after their father leaves them. When they’re teenagers, they find out that their mother has been selling drugs for years—which means they have enough money to live comfortably and get away from poverty. But then they have to deal with the consequences when one of their friends gets involved with the wrong people, and everything goes downhill from there.

If you’re looking for a good drama with some action thrown in there too, then this movie might be right up your alley!


Lawless is a Netflix Original movie about a gang of bootleggers in Depression-era Virginia.

The movie was released on Netflix on March 29, 2022. It stars Shia LeBeouf, Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska, and Gary Oldman.

The movie was directed by John Hillcoat and written by Nick Cave.

Lawless takes place in 1930 in Franklin County, Virginia during Prohibition. The movie follows the McCoy brothers as they try to evade the police who are after them for selling illegal moonshine whiskey. The movie is based on the true story of the real McCoy brothers and their crimes during this period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HBO Max have any westerns?

HBO Max has many westerns!

You can find them under the “Drama” category.

Are there any good Western series on Netflix?

 Netflix is a great way to get your Western fix!

If you love classic Western movies and TV shows, then Netflix has got you covered. There are some really good options available. You can also find a few more modern takes on the genre, like “Longmire” and “Hell on Wheels.”

For the modern Westerns, Netflix has some great options as well. “Deadwood” is a show that won’t disappoint if you’re into gritty historical dramas. If you prefer something more contemporary, check out “Westworld,” which is set in an amusement park where guests can live out their Wild West fantasies—but what happens when those fantasies start to take over?

What movies does HBO Max have right now?

HBO Max has a ton of western movies right now.

If you’re looking for a classic like The Searchers or Stagecoach, HBO Max has those. If you want to see a newer film about the Wild West like Brokeback Mountain or Dances With Wolves, HBO Max has those too. And if you want something in between, like Tombstone or Wyatt Earp, HBO Max has that too!

HBO Max also has two different cable channels dedicated to westerns: The Western Channel and Westerns 24/7.

Are there any new westerns being made?

The western genre is back in a big way, and we’ve got some of the best movie releases coming up.

Here are 10 new westerns to look forward to in 2022:

1. Killers of the Flower Moon (2022)

2. Terror on the Prairie (2022)

3. Murder at Yellowstone City (2022)

4. Django/Zorro (2022)

5. Thar (2022)

6. Guns 3: Alias Billy the Kid (2022)

7. The Old Way (2022)

8. Black Wood (2022)

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