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How to Watch The Batman in the Netherlands

In this article, we’ll show you how to watch The Batman in Netherlands with a VPN, step-by-step.

The crime-thriller stars Robert Pattinson from Twilight as the superhero, Bruce Wayne / Batman. The DC comic character has the heart of many fans. Batman title is always a commercial success due to its immense fan following.

How to Watch The Batman in the Netherlands 

If you are residing in the US, you can watch The Batman on HBO Max with ease. But if you are in Belgium, Ireland, or anywhere outside the US then things can be a bit tricky for you. The reason is unavailability of HBO Max in these regions. We will be showing you how to unblock HBO MAX outside the US and watch The Batman online without any hassle.

1.Get the VPN app, try to use a reliable VPN, it might cost you something but would ensure smooth streaming.
2.Connect to USA server from the list of servers usually given in the VPN app.
3.Get the HBO Max subscription.
4.Login using your credentials.
5.Start and Enjoy
HBO Max in Netherlands!

Can I use a free VPN for watching  The Batman? 

 Absolutely, you can use a free VPN for watching The Batman in Belgium.

A VPN can hide your location and make you appear as if you are somewhere permissible. While using a free VPN sometimes your IP address gets exposed and streaming gets interrupted. Therefore, it is better to first ensure the credibility of any VPN.

HBO Max is available in the US, Belgium, Belgium, New Zealand, and India. If you’re outside of those regions, you can use a free VPN to get access!

Why is The Batman blocked in the Netherlands? 

HBO Max is a streaming service that provides content from some of the most popular TV shows and movies, as well as original programming. The service is also available in Netherlands, but it’s blocked.

The reason why HBO Max is blocked in Belgium is because of a legal battle between Sony Pictures and Netflix. The case was against Netflix which was asked to remove some of the content which according to HBO Max was stolen.

The Batman is Available in Many Countries

The 15 countries where The HBO Max is launched are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

How to Watch The Batman  on your devices in the Netherlands 

HBO Max is the latest streaming service from HBO, and you can watch it on your devices in the Netherlands with VPN if you follow these simple steps.

1. Download the app for your device
2. Create an account using a valid email address and password
3. Enter your payment information
4. Start watching Batman!

Apple TV

You can watch The Batman on Apple TV in the Netherlands by following a few simple steps.

-First, go to the home screen of your Apple TV and click on “Apps”. You’ll see the HBO Max app in the list of apps.

-Second, click on the app icon and then choose “Install”. The app will begin downloading.

-Third, when the app has finished downloading, select it from the list of installed apps and launch it. You’ll be prompted to sign into the HBO Max account or create one if you don’t already have one.

-Fourth, once you’ve signed in to your account or created one and entered your payment information (if necessary), you can begin watching Batman!


HBO Max is a great service, but it’s not available in the Netherlands yet. If you want to watch The Batman  on your laptop in the Netherlands, here’s how to do it:

1. Download Viber from the app store on your laptop

2. Download the Viber app on your phone (if you already have this app installed, you can skip this step)

3. Open the Viber app on both devices and enter your phone number when prompted

4. Connect your laptop to your phone’s data plan using Wi-Fi or USB tethering (make sure both devices are connected to the same network so that they can communicate with each other)

5. On both devices, open HBO Max and enjoy watching Batman!


You can watch The Batman on your iPad in the Netherlands. Here’s how:

1. Download HBO max  app on your iPad

2.Sign in with your HBO Max  account information (or create an account)

3.Watch all of the content you love from HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and more!


Here’s how to get started:

1. Download Google Play Movies & TV from the Google Play Store.

2. Login with your credentials 

3. You’ll see all of your videos in the Library tab on the left side of the app interface. Select any video to watch on your Android device!

PlayStation 4 and 5

If you want to watch The Batman on PlayStation 4 or 5 in the Netherlands, it’s pretty easy. Here’s how:

1. Go to the PlayStation Store.

2. Search for HBO Max. You should see a pop-up with the price of £19.99 per month and a description of what it’s all about (for example, “All Access”).

3. Click “Download.” The download will begin immediately and take about 20 minutes or so depending on your internet speed and connection speed at that time (e.g., no other programs running), after which point you can start watching Batman!


HBO Max is a new streaming service from HBO, which is now available on both Mac and PC. If you’re in the Netherlands and want to watch The Batman on your Macbook, there are a few ways to do it!

First, you’ll need to download Chrome. Then, follow these steps:

1. Download the Chrome extension WebRTC Control Panel by clicking here.

2. Open Chrome and click on the menu button in the top right corner of your browser window (the three dots). Select “More tools” and then click “Extensions”. Find the WebRTC Control Panel on the list and click on “Options” next to it.

3. Click on “Enable RTCP port binding for localhost only” (this will allow you to use WebRTC). Then click “OK” at the bottom of your screen.

Start watching Batman.

Samsung TV

To do so:

1. Check if you have an internet connection with a good speed.

2. Open the browser on your TV and go to the HBO Max website.

3. Click the “Start” button

4. On the next page, click the “Continue as Guest” button

5. On the next page, click the “Continue as Guest” button again.

6. On the next page, click the “Continue as Guest” button yet again

7. Now you are ready to watch The Batman  on Samsung TV in the Netherlands


 You can watch The Batman on Firestick in the Netherlands.

1. First, you will need to install a VPN.

2. Then, connect to a server in the US.

3. After that, go to www.hbomax.com and sign up for an account.

Oculus Quest

To watch HBO Max on Oculus Quest, follow these steps: 

1. Open the HBO app on your Oculus Quest, then tap Menu and select Sign In. 

2. Enter your HBO Go password and press Continue. If you use a Facebook account or a separate one from Facebook, please select Sign In with Facebook to confirm your account information at confirmation time. 

3. Enter credit card details before going back to the My Services menu and select Manage Subscriptions

YouTube TV

If you’re a fan of Batman and want to watch the hit series, The Batman, on YouTube TV, you’ll need to subscribe to both HBO Max and YouTube TV. Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for YouTube TV.

2. Choose your plan (Basic or Premium) and select your favorite channel bundles.

3. Download the app from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and sign in with your account information.

4. Go to Your Subscriptions under My Account to start watching your favorite shows!


We’re excited to announce that The Batman movie 2022 is available on HBO as part of AT&T TV’s $84.99/ month Entertainment HBO bundle.

Here’s how to watch The Batman movie 2022 on AT&T TV step by step:

1. Go to the channel guide and find HBO.

2. Press the blue button on your remote or press OK on your keyboard.

3. Choose “Watch HBO Now” and sign in with your username and password if prompted.

4. Find The Batman movie 2022 under “TV Shows” or in the search bar at the top of the page, then select it to start watching!


To add HBO Max to your Hulu base plan, 

1. Go to hulu.com/HBOMax. 

2. Once you add HBO Max, you can stream all of HBO Max using the HBO Max app and stream all of HBO using the Hulu app.


1. Sign up for an HBO max account

2. Go to roku.com and add HBO to your account

3. Go to the HBO app on your Roku and sign in with your new credentials

4. Add any channels you want to watch, like HBO Max Netherlands-Batman

Direct tv

If you’re in the Netherlands and have a DIRECTV subscription, you can watch HBO Max on DIRECTV. Here’s how:

1. Open the DIRECTV app on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Go to Live TV, then select the Live TV icon at the bottom of the screen.

3. In the search bar at the top-right corner of your screen, type “HBO” (without quotation marks). This will bring up all channels that have “HBO” in their name, including HBO Max!

4. Select HBO Max from this list and press Enter on your keyboard or tap Play on your device to start watching Batman!

Batman Movies in order

(1966) ‘Batman: The Movie’

(1989) ‘Batman’

(1992) ‘Batman Returns’

(1995) ‘Batman Forever

(1997) ‘Batman and Robin’

(2005) ‘Batman Begins’

(2008) ‘The Dark Knight’

(2012) ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

(2016) ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

(2016) ‘Suicide Squad’

(2017) ‘Justice League’

(2017) ‘The Lego Batman Movie

(2019) ‘Joker’

(2022) ‘The Batman’

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Batman streaming anywhere?
The Batman has been available to stream on HBO Max since April 18, and it’s a great way to catch up on the movie before its theatrical release.

Is The Batman on Netflix Netherlands?
Yes, but not Batman 2022.

What countries is Batman available on Netflix?
Each Batman film is available in a select group of regions. Most are available on Australian Netflix, some are on US Netflix, and there’s even one available on Indian Netflix.

How can I watch Batman 2022 in the UK?
Batman fans have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and the wait is finally over! The Batman is now available to rent on Premium Video on Demand in the UK.
The film costs £15.99 to rent for 48 hours on these services, which include streaming stores including iTunes and Amazon Prime Video. HBO Max is yet to be made available in the UK.

When can I stream The Batman?
You can stream it on HBO Max easily by using a VPN.

Is the Batman on Amazon Prime?
The Batman is now available on Amazon Prime Video. Rent it for $25 and you can watch it as many times as you want within 30 days of your purchase.

Can I watch Batman on Disney Plus?
The Batman will not be arriving on Disney+, the series might be available to stream in other regions. You can expect to see it on Netflix in Canada and India, Sky in the UK, and HBO Max in other regions.

Can I watch Batman on Amazon Prime?
Yes, you can rent it out.

How does Rotten Tomatoes rate Batman 2022?
The movie has 96 percent positive feedback on the Tomatometer, so it is a complete joy.

Where can I watch the first 10 minutes of The Batman?
The first 10 minutes of the movie are available on Youtube Tv, Vudu, and Apple TV, Besides these, they are available online on many websites, which you can easily watch. 

How to rent Batman 2022?
-The Batman is available to rent or buy on AMC on Demand.
-The Batman is available to rent or buy on iTunes. You can rent it for $24.99 in HD. You can buy it for $29.99 in HD.
-The Batman is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video. You can rent it for $5.99 in SD/HD. You can buy it for $12.99 in SD/HD.
-The Batman is available to rent or buy on Google Play.
-The Batman is available to rent or buy on Vudu. You can rent it for $5.99 in SD/HD. You can buy it for $12.99 in SD/HD.

Where can I watch Batman Dark Knight?
The Batman Dark Knight is streaming on Netflix.

Can I watch Batman on TV now?
No, it is not available on Now TV yet.

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