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How many Episodes of One Piece are there?

The longest-running and most well-known anime series ever, none other than One Piece. Viewers would think twice before starting to watch the anime. The anime has thousand of amazing episodes. But how many episodes of One Piece are there? To know, READ!

We’ll answer all your questions about this amazing series in this article!

How Many episodes of One Piece are there?

One Piece has more than a thousand episodes, in total 1,034. Its 1,000th episode aired in November 2021. It was sweet and nostalgic for the fans.

Adapting the manga’s 1000th chapter, Episode 1015, was released in April 2022. It was released shortly before a cyberattack at Toei Animation caused a month-long production halt. By the end of 2022, the anime will have 1049 episodes as predicted. This is possibly due to the hack, as Toei appears to be forgoing the chance for a Christmas break! Let’s see.

One Piece is currently airing on TV Tokyo in Japan and Crunchyroll in multiple countries outside Japan. The series began broadcasting on Fuji Television on October 20, 1999. The show began to stream on Adult Swim’s Toonami block from June 17, 2017, to January 19, 2019. Then Dragon Ball Super: Broly replaced it.

The series was currently being simulcasted on Funimation Now, where it continued until December 31, 2020. Then, it goes into reruns until 2024 when Funimation Now closes down altogether after losing its license to One Piece when Toei Animation reacquired its rights.

How much time is needed to watch all the episodes?

How long would it take if you’re looking to get caught up on One Piece?

Well, we’ve got the answer!

The length of each episode is somewhere between 22 and 24 minutes. To binge watch the series will occupy 24,000 minutes. It would equate to 16.52 days or 396.4 hours.

Of course, assuming they never slept or took a break while watching it. It would take audiences 49.55 days to finish One Piece if they watched the anime for about eight hours a day they normally devote to work.

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